Our mission is to enrich lives by fostering meaningful relationships through quality, real-world interactions.

We are the makers of Raya, a 4.6 star iOS application that is building community for a new generation and that came out of beta when we were featured at Vanity Fair's New Establishment summit in 2018. While much has been written1 about our mysterious membership community hailing from LA and with communities all around the world, it hasn't been until now that we have been growing our team and sharing our vision with articles like the NYTimes Feature on Raya's Private Community and the Techcrunch Story about Raya's Trust.

Raya has an emphasis on real world interactions. The team has been working on software to connect people our entire lives (Raya's team includes the 3rd designer at Facebook, the product manager who launched the Like button, the founder of Flipagram, and the founder of Yello). It is our dream to use what we've learned to get all of us off of our phones and into the real world, exploring our bucket list through people who meaningfully inspire and challenge us as we walk through this thing called life.

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Why Join Us?

  • You will work with an amazing team that is still small (< 20) despite being very well funded by the best venture firms in the business (Menlo Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Slow Ventures, Cowboy Ventures). Our core team includes our Facebook's 3rd designer, Jared Morgenstern, who was Facebook's first growth hacker, ads pm, and the person who launched the like button and Josh Feldman, the inventor of the slideshow Story format while he was at Flipagram.
  • Every member pays $7.99/month fees, so we don't need to market or sell data in order to sustain the business. Instead we can focus on building the same, great product for everyone. We have raised our Series A round of capital from investors who believe we will meaningfully impact the world and the founding team believes we can create the next great social network, but this time, focus it on real world connections.
  • You will be building towards a world where, no matter where you are, with the touch of a button, you can meet someone who inspires you. Raya is so trusted, mysterious, and well designed that many people who inspire us, everyday, use Raya to connect, and as a team member, you will be able to join the Raya community as a member. Google us to learn more about who you might connect when you join. You will satisfy a lot of human needs here: learning, financial success, work/life balance, and being inspired by the community. Join!
  • Los Angeles, NY, London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Milan, Mexico City! Raya is the best platform to explore the world as where-ever you go, you'll have community.